My name is Clifford Suppa, and I am a third-generation Italian landscape gardener. With my partner, Jhesse Jones we begin our fourth generation serving the community as a lawn care and landscaping business. My grandfather was a farmer and emigrated from Sicily prior to World War II. He began Suppa Landscaping. Pop Pop, as we fondly called him, was able to raise his eleven children, my father Salvator being the fourth oldest. After serving in World War II my father, Salvator, took ownership of Suppa Landscaping. Shortly thereafter he married my mother, Dorothy Caruso, and raised four children, myself being the oldest.

As a teenager I had the opportunity to observe, work, listen, and learn about gardening from my elders. Gardening was different back then. The season ended on October 30th, shrubs were pruned by hand, and lawnmowers were pushed. Blowers had not even been invented yet, so we swept the sidewalks with a broom. It was legal in those days to burn leaves on the curb, can you believe it? I’ll never forget how Pop Pop had us turn all the beds with a pitchfork and cultivate cow manure into the soil. The smell of the fresh cut lawn, a spring sweetness in the air, or crisp autumn leaves, with the sound of birds chirping. Yes, this is what I love. There was not a doubt in my mind that I was destined to follow in the footsteps of Pop Pop and my father, Salvator.

I graduated from Hofstra University and started working for Voges Feed and Seed located in Lynbrook, NY. Voges was one of the only wholesale suppliers catering to the Landscape industry. While at Voges I had ample opportunity to absorb much wisdom from the “old timer” Italian gardeners. Most of them are retired or have passed away by now, but I am forever grateful for the influence they had on me and their contributions toward getting Precision Maintenance Corporation Inc. to where it is today. I am proud to say that we have been providing professional lawn care for 43 years.

My partner, Jhesse Jones has been taking full advantage of the experience three generations in the industry has to offer. Jhesse worked for Precision Maintenance Corporation Inc. during the summers while attending West Virginia University. After graduating, Jhesse began working full time. Eight years has passed, and he continues to absorb all of the skills handed down through my family. Jhesse and his wife, Ilana just purchased their first home in Wantagh and plan on starting their own family. Jhesse is a licensed and insured state certified pesticide applicator. He is qualified to apply herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, and organics.

For Jhesse and I, gardening is a labor of love and a true passion. Nothing is more rewarding than creating a beautiful landscape, or simply maintaining a property and ensuring that it looks its very best. Precision Maintenance Corporation Inc. is not one of those businesses with hundreds of accounts. We are a comparatively small company, providing one on one customer service, making Precision Maintenance Corporation Inc. one of the most respected full-service landscaping companies in the industry.

We hope that you will give Clifford Suppa, Jhesse Jones, and Precision Maintenance Corporation Inc. a try. We offer pride in our workmanship, honesty, reliability, experience, and most importantly exceptional communication and customer service.

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