Sometimes we all need a little help to look and feel our best, and it’s no different for our trees! Tree trimming is a service that helps promote the healthy growth and appearance of your trees and is a service you should consider for the trees on your property.

There are a lot of different reasons why property owners should consider tree trimming services, and we’ll go into the benefits of each in detail.

Appearance of Trees or Shrubs

Tree trimming is a process that trims away small branches to beautify and guide the shape of trees, hedges, and shrubs. The professional performing the service will make selective cuts and snips to eliminate excess or shaggy-looking branches, giving your tree, hedge, or shrub a more clean and beautiful appearance.

Tree trimming also allows you to shape your trees, hedges, and shrubs to your preference. This way, you can achieve an even appearance in your landscaping.


Another reason you should consider trimming your trees is safety. Tree trimming can help eliminate branches that are likely to fall and hurt a person or part of your property. This preemptive service will help keep everyone safe and can save you money on expensive bills you may have to pay otherwise.

Tree Health

Tree trimming also eliminates any diseased, dead, or unhealthy branches from the tree, which can improve the overall health of the tree. Some diseases that infect trees can end up killing the entire organism if not kept in check. Tree trimming is a proactive way of caring for the health of your trees and your property.

The pruning of branches and twigs is also believed to encourage better tree heath overall. Many people believe that this process enables the tree to build stronger and more complex inner structures that ultimately help the tree stand strong against the elements. Trimming your trees can also help increase healthy fruit or flower production for your trees.

Cliff’s Tips

Spray your Alberta Spruce in March and April with cold water to prevent red spider mites.

Promotes Landscape Health

Trimming your trees will also help your overall landscape. By eliminating extra branches that may block the sunlight and nutrients from other plants nearby, you allow these other plants to grow unimpeded. As trees get bigger and taller, they cast larger shadows over the land below, and this can interfere with other plants’ ability to grow.

Tree trimming is a great service to consider for any property owner but is especially beneficial if you’ve already invested a lot of time and money into your landscaping.

How Often Should You Trim Your Trees?

A good rule of thumb is to get your trees trimmed once per year. For best results— and to maximize the health of your trees— it’s best to perform this service during your tree’s dormant season. For this reason, you should always consult with your landscaping professional before attempting to trim your trees yourself. You wouldn’t want to accidentally do more harm than good!

Sometimes, your trees may need a little extra trim now and then, and that’s ok too. Circumstances that might necessitate immediate tree trimming include the following:

  • Your tree is growing too close to your home or building and may cause damage to your property if left unchecked.
  • Your tree is creating problems with visibility for drivers or pedestrians, making it difficult for people to move safely past your property.
  • Your tree is growing too close to a power line. If this is the case, the tree trimming should be performed by your local utility company. Power lines are incredibly dangerous and should only be approached by trained professionals.

You should always prioritize the safety of yourself and other people over anything else when considering tree trimming services.

Why You Should Consider Professional Tree Trimming

These days, we live in a society that prioritizes a lot of “do it yourself” attitudes, but this isn’t always for the best. Trees are alive, and this means that each and every cut you make will have a lasting impact on the overall health, appearance, and growth pattern of your tree. If you make any uninformed cuts or trims, you could accidentally be doing a lot more harm than good for the health of your tree (and your overall landscape).

Furthermore, trees— like humans— are all different, and all have different needs. A trained professional is aware of these differences and can make a plan that maximizes the benefits for each tree. Your tree trimmer will listen to your wishes and objectives with tree trimming and combine it with their knowledge of the needs of the tree in question and deliver perfect results that benefit everyone.

Tree trimming can also be dangerous if attempted by someone with little to no experience. To protect yourself and your property, you should always consider hiring a professional tree trimmer!

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