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As a full-service landscape gardener, Precision Maintenance Corp. Inc. can take care of all your landscape needs year round.

Dethatch, Aerate, Seed Lawns

Three common services we provide for lawns that need a bit of extra help are dethatching, aeration, and seeding.  These three services can take a below-average lawn and make it beautiful.

Fall Clean Up

You’ve probably heard of Spring Cleaning, but did you know that your yard needs a Fall Cleaning as well? Performing a Fall clean up can help prepare your landscape for the upcoming Winter and get it ready for new plants in the Spring.

Landscape Design

Unlike most gardeners and landscapers, we do not use computer-generated landscape designs.  We walk your property with you and give you a list of the potential trees, plants, & flowers that we would plant on your property and where they would go.

Fertilizing using Organic or Non-Organic Applications

Fertilizers are important for plants and lawns to grow strong and healthy. They are meant to improve the fertility of the soil and provide nutrients for plants that are often vital to help plants thrive.

Herbicide, Insecticide, and Fungicide Applications

With any type of plant (grass included) you’re likely to come across some pests that make growth difficult to sustain. These pests can come in many shapes and sizes. Without proper control, weeds, crabgrass, nutsedge, insects, fungi, and more can become unwanted stowaways in your garden.

Mosquito Control using Organic or Non-Organic Applications

When it comes to pesticides for mosquitos, you can choose organic or non-organic types.  Precision Maintenance offers both types of mosquito control.

Pruning Shrubs

Shrubs are a crucial part of many landscapes and can play a variety of roles on your property. Whether your shrubs are decorative or functional, you should always make sure that you maintain their shape and health with seasonal pruning.

Snow Removal

Nassau County requires residents to have their walkways to be cleared within 48 hours of a snowfall.  There are many benefits to professional snow removal.  Let us do the hard work for you.

Sod Installation

Having a beautiful lawn is important to a lot of people, but it can be a frustrating process that takes a lot of time and energy. One great alternative to waiting for your grass to grow is to opt for sod installation instead. With sod installation, you can have a beautiful, lush lawn in one day!

Spraying Shrubs using Organic or Non-Organic Applications

Pests can be a big problem with your landscape, and the problem can easily get out of control without the proper interventions. One of the ways to control for these pests is by spraying your shrubs. During this process, you can select either organic or non-organic pesticides.

Weekly Commercial Lawn Maintenance

A beautiful lawn can attract the eye and go a long way in establishing the presence of a business in a community. Much the same way, a ragged or unkempt lawn can send a certain message to passersby and even deter people from approaching your business. This can be a source of stress for many commercial property owners, but it certainly doesn’t have to be!

Weekly Residential Lawn Maintenance

Your lawn is one of the first things people see when they pass your home. While we’re not saying that appearances are everything, having a well-maintained lawn can go a long way in improving the look of your entire property.

Weekly Lawn Maintenance

We often get asked how frequently a customer should schedule their lawn maintenance, and our answer is always the same: weekly maintenance is the best choice for the appearance and health of your lawn.

Spring Clean Up

Spring cleaning is a popular practice in many homes as the Winter season comes to an end, but did you know that your yard needs a spring cleaning too? Giving your yard a little extra love and care can make all the difference to prepare it for the growing season.

Tree Trimming

Sometimes we all need a little help to look and feel our best, and it’s no different for our trees! Tree trimming is a service that helps promote the healthy growth and appearance of your trees and is a service you should consider for the trees on your property.

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