Many people desire beautiful and complex landscaping for their residential property, but often people aren’t sure of how to achieve this. Seamlessly integrating plants and other landscaping elements to create a cohesive and beautiful final product requires a lot of detailed knowledge. For best results, it’s a good idea to hire a professional landscape design service to create your vision.

Landscape design involves designing the layout of your garden and landscaping for smaller projects (like your residential home). Many people confuse landscape design with landscape architecture, but the two are actually different. Landscape architecture focuses on larger projects (generally over 1 acre), as well as public projects. Landscape design is for smaller projects like gardens and yards that won’t be open to the public.

Major Concepts of Landscape Design

There are several major concepts involved in landscape design. Precision Maintenance by Clifford Suppa and Jhesse Jones will incorporate these to help you achieve the most beautiful and practical landscaping possible for your space. These concepts are:

Unity (aka Harmony)

Unity is an important part of landscape design. In essence, unity in landscape design helps to incorporate similar elements to convey a certain theme. This cohesion can help your landscape appear more visually pleasing. Unity focuses on how the overall landscape will look as a whole.


Balance in landscape design focuses on achieving balance between various elements. It is easy to confuse balance with unity, but the concepts are quite different. While unity focuses on the big picture, balance focuses on the differences between two or more parts. This ensures that one section of your landscape isn’t too busy or sparse, which balances the appearance when viewed together.


Proportion is crucial as well, and involves controlling the size of each group or component in a given landscape. If you’re planting a flower garden, for example, you wouldn’t want to have 10 rose bushes and one tulip. Managing the proportions of these plants will help achieve a more beautiful and pleasing landscape.


Transition is also important in landscape design. Transition is the gradual visual change in a landscape that you can achieve by controlling color, form, texture, and other elements in a landscape. This helps a landscape appear seamless and beautiful, rather than disconnected and confusing.

Cliff’s Tips

A spring application of weed killer will not kill or prevent summer weeds.

What to Expect When Hiring Precision Maintenance by Clifford Suppa and Jhesse Jones

Unlike most gardeners and landscapers, Precision Maintenance by Clifford Suppa and Jhesse Jones does not use computer generated landscape designs. We walk your property with you and give you a list of the potential trees, plants, flowers etc. that we would plant on your property and where they would go. We go over sizes of these items and how much they cost. From there we can build a design based on your taste and most importantly within your budget.

We invite all our landscape design clients to join us at the nursery Monday-Friday to actually see and pick what will be used. By doing this, clients will know exactly what is going to be planted and can see the actual plant, tree, flower, etc. we will use. Also, walking the nursery allows clients to see other specimens that they may want to add to their design.

Why Consider Landscape Design?

Beautiful and functional manicured landscapes don’t occur on their own, and instead require a lot of knowledge and hard work. To create a beautiful landscape or garden, you must understand what plants work in which environments, which plants can serve functional purposes, and which plants will thrive with similar care. Understanding the needs of the plants being used in a garden or landscape is vital to achieving the beautiful landscape you dream of.

There are also many discrete elements of design that take years of training and study to understand and achieve. Many subtle techniques are employed in professional landscape design, and a true professional with over 43 years of experience— like Clifford Suppa— can deliver amazing results that exceed your expectations.

Landscape design can help you achieve many different types of planted landscapes. With landscape design, you can transform your boring lawn or yard into a lush and beautiful space lined with flowers or shrubs. You can also achieve a beautiful and diverse garden that will be the envy of your neighbors and friends. Landscape design can also be used to create ponds, flower beds, treed areas, and more.

Landscape design allows you to incorporate non-living elements into a landscape in the most logical way. This could mean installing walkways, patios, benches, and much more. Doing this while employing the principles of landscape design can help you avoid sloppy or random-looking features in your yard or garden.

It takes a truly masterful eye to create a cohesive and beautiful landscape, which is why you should always leave such projects to professionals like Clifford Suppa Landscaping. We’ll be able to deliver a final product that meets your every need. If you’re aiming to increase a certain type of plant on your property, we’ll be able to incorporate these requests as well. Many plants offer a lot of benefits to your landscape and you as an individual. These could include plants that attract certain birds or bugs (to control for insect problems), plants that yield edible fruits or vegetables, fragrant flowers or herbs, or even shady trees.

We would be delighted to use our knowledge and skillset to help you turn your lawn into a beautiful and magical landscape. Whether your style is neat and tidy or more whimsical and wild, we’ll produce a design that you’ll absolutely love. Based on your wishes, we’ll draw a design to show you exactly what we’re thinking. From there, we can work together to change any elements to better match your vision.

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