Summer is the favorite season of many people, and for good reason! From barbecues to pool parties, summertime is all about spending quality time with friends and family outdoors. One of the worst parts of summer, however, is the mosquitos.

Mosquitos can quickly ruin anyone’s day, and their bites can itch for weeks! Some people may think that bug spray and citronella candles are the only options for mosquito control, but this isn’t true. You can actually control mosquitos at their source using pesticides.

When it comes to pesticides for mosquitos, you can choose organic or non-organic types. This post breaks down the differences, benefits, and drawbacks of both.

Organic Mosquito Control

One option for controlling mosquitos on your property is to opt for organic mosquito pesticides. These pesticides are classified as ‘natural” because they’re derived from natural, organic (meaning living), materials, like plants. Many plants— like citronella— are natural mosquito repellants. Organic mosquito pesticides use plants like these to create compounds that target mosquitos and repel them.

These pesticides are usually in the form of a liquid that is sprayed around the property. This type of application is directed at hotspots where mosquitoes breed and populate, which prevents them from creating an infestation in your backyard.

Once the spray is applied, it will usually last around 14 days, at which point you’ll need to get the pesticide resprayed for best results.

Non-Organic Mosquito Control

There are also non-organic options for mosquito control. These pesticides are made from non-living materials. Non-organic pesticides for mosquito control can be applied in a variety of ways and areas, depending on the desired outcome and the magnitude of the mosquito problem.

If you’re looking to target mosquitos immediately, these pesticides can be sprayed in an area where adult mosquitos fly. The pesticides will kill all present adult mosquitos immediately and will also keep other mosquitos from entering the area for the next few hours.

Another option is to target areas where mosquitos nest and breed, which will kill adults present and any baby mosquitos, too. This can help control overall mosquito population levels, which can have longer-lasting effects.

Cliff’s Tips

For both cool weather weeds and summer weeds, two applications of control is the best.

Safety Considerations

When using any pesticides, you’ll want to take certain safety precautions to make sure you’re protecting yourself and your family (including your pets!). Pay close attention to pesticide labels and their listed recommendations for proper safety protocol. This will likely mean avoiding contact with bare skin and possibly avoiding the treated area for a few hours.

This is especially important if you have any children, pets, or other animals that spend time outdoors on your property. These curious creatures are likely to accidentally encounter— or even ingest— pesticides that have been sprayed outdoors.

Proper safety is crucial, even when using organic mosquito control methods. Sometimes, people mistake the “organic” or “natural” label to mean “non-toxic,” but this isn’t always so. Non-toxic pesticides will be clearly labeled as non-toxic, and you should never assume any chemical treatment is non-toxic unless specifically told.

If you hire a professional to perform a mosquito control service, you can always ask them for a copy of the label of the pesticide they used on your property. You may also want to ask them to go over all safety precautions and instructions before the application of the pesticides, just to make sure everyone is on the same page. Your safety, and that of your family, should always be the number one concern.

Why You Should Use a Professional for Mosquito Control

Using a professional for mosquito control on your property is a great choice for many reasons. First and foremost, professional landscapers who perform mosquito control services are usually highly trained in the chemicals they use and will know exactly where and how much should be used.

A common mistake that amateurs make when doing DIY mosquito control is the overuse of a pesticide “just to be safe.” The truth of the matter is that this is anything but safe! You’ll have much more peace of mind when a professional applies the pesticides that the job has been done safely and effectively.

Secondly, your professional landscaper will understand the life cycle and behavior patterns of mosquitos much more thoroughly than most people who don’t work professionally with plants. This knowledge allows them to target the right areas (like ponds and bodies of water) where mosquitos spawn and nest. They’ll be able to gauge the situation by taking a quick walk around your property. They’ll then speak to you about your options and develop a course of action to help you eliminate your mosquito problem effectively.

If you have a preference between organic or non-organic mosquito repellants, be sure to voice this to your landscaper so they can be sure to meet all of your requests.

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