When you think of winter and snow, you may not immediately think of landscaping companies, but did you know that many landscaping companies offer snow removal services? There are many benefits to professional snow removal, all of which will be discussed below.

**Nassau County requires residents to have their walkways to be cleared within 48 hours of a snowfall**

Types of Snow Removal Services

There are many kinds of snow removal services available. The objective of all snow removal is to ensure the safety of your person and your property. Let’s face it— snowy conditions can be dangerous and may lead to injury. Professional snow removal services help keep you safe by doing the work for you.

Driveway Clearing

Who doesn’t dread the exhausting chore of shoveling your driveway during snowy conditions? The task can take hours, is incredibly physically taxing, and can leave you sore for days. Aside from all that, you can even hurt yourself by slipping on patches of ice or exposing yourself to cold temperatures for too long. Unfortunately, clearing your driveway of snow is important if you need to go anywhere other than your living room.

Professional snow removal will help clear your driveway of all snow and ice, all without you lifting a finger. There are a few methods that the landscaping company might use, and this depends on the equipment available to them and your driveway condition and location.

Some popular methods of clearing your driveway include snow blowers and shoveling hard to get areas, but your professional will assess the situation and decide on the proper tools for the job.

Front Walkways and Porches

In addition to clearing your driveway, your landscaping professionals can also help clear your walkways and porch of snow and ice. This is an important service if you plan on walking outside or if you’re expecting deliveries or visitors. Keeping your walkways clear and safe to traverse will help you control for any potential liability that may arise if someone is injured on your property.

One popular method to clear your walkways involves using a tool called a mechanical broom. Your landscaper may also decide to use a snowblower or a shovel, depending on the type of walkway and amount of snow. When requesting this service, be sure to specify if you want more walkways on your property cleared aside from the main walkway. This will likely cost extra but is an important specification because standard walkway clearing services will only clear the front walkway unless otherwise specified.

Cliff’s Tips

Not all hydrangeas are pruned in the same manner.

De-Icing Surfaces

Your landscaper should automatically apply de-icing products, which Precision Maintenance by Clifford Suppa and Jhesse Jones does, to help keep your walkways and driveways clear of snow and ice. The products used will depend on the region you live in, and the amount of snowfall expected. Your landscaper will have all information necessary to make an informed decision on the best course of action for your de-icing needs.

This will include using calcium chloride on your cleaned areas.

Why You Should Use Professional Snow Removal Services

Using professional snow removal services can save you a lot of valuable time and may even save you your health and safety. These trained professionals will be able to navigate the situation effectively and efficiently, and the process is likely to be much faster than if you attempt it yourself.

This is a good choice if you have older family members or live on a large property or have a large driveway. Enlisting the help of professionals can go a long way in easing your mind during snowy conditions.

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