Spring cleaning is a popular practice in many homes as the Winter season comes to an end, but did you know that your yard needs a spring cleaning too? Giving your yard a little extra love and care can make all the difference to prepare it for the growing season.

Spring Clean Up Checklist

So, what’s involved in Spring Clean Up for your yard? We’re glad you asked! Here are the basic tasks that should be performed during a thorough spring cleanup (although this may vary depending on where you live):

Clear away debris from your yard and landscaping

During the Fall and Winter seasons, it’s common for various debris and refuse to land in your yard, and now is the perfect time to clear all of that away so you can start fresh. Removing things like fallen leaves and sticks is important because if left uncleared, these items can smother your healthy plants and even encourage diseases to spread.

Prepping your flower beds

This stage of your spring clean-up will involve removing spent annuals. This way your beds will be ready to go when it’s time to plant for spring. During this portion, you should also look to remove any weeds that you encounter and distribute some fertilizer as well.  In some cases, it is recommended to apply a barrier to prevent seed germination for future weeds

Planting new plants

Once you’ve cleared the debris and prepped your flower beds, it’s time to plant any new trees, shrubs, and hardy perennial flowers. If you intend to plant annuals or more sensitive perennials, it’s best to wait until the last frost has passed to ensure that your precious plants survive, typically after Mother’s Day.

Crabgrass control

Crabgrass control during a spring clean-up, as well as a second application in May, is a great way to get ahead of any crabgrass issues that you might encounter during the summer months. In a lot of cases, it’s best to use this preemptive method rather than trying to kill any crabgrass once it appears. If this seems like a beneficial choice for you, you can opt to use a preemergent herbicide.

Cliff’s Tips

Tall fescue is a good shade seed.

Spraying Shrubs/Trees/Lawn for Pests

Spring is the best time to start a fungi control program as well as applying dormant oil spray.  Fungicides and dormant oil sprays are both 100% organic pest control.  Fungi attack fruit trees, roses, and many other varieties of plants.  The leaves of untreated plants will blemish or brown, then eventually prematurely defoliate.  Fungus can also attack your lawn from April through October causing the lawn to die in patches or lose its green color.  Lawn fungi, with all its varieties, could destroy even the perfectly maintained lawn.

Dormant oil spray is the number one spray throughout the year.  By spraying dormant oil you prevent most insect problems.

Precision Maintenance always leaves a green sheet indicating the work performed as well as the manufacturers watering instructions.

Mulch removal

Once the last frost has passed, it’s a good idea to remove any existing layers of old mulch from your perennial beds. This will help your perennials grow in without having to struggle through layers of packed mulch. This is very important because failing to remove the mulch could smother your plants. Once your perennials have bloomed, you’ll want to add a new layer of mulch to help protect them.

Path and patio maintenance

Another element of spring clean up involves keeping your hardscape surfaces in tip-top shape. This will vary depending on the nature of your pathways and patios but may involve sweeping in new sand or rocks or using a pressure washer to clear away slippery algae. These areas are an important part of your landscaping and should be cared for diligently to preserve the beauty and safety of your space.

DIY Or Hire A Professional?

Yard maintenance is a LOT of work and requires extreme attention to detail and detailed knowledge of what each plant needs. If you’ve got a green thumb and a lot of time on your hands, spring clean ups may be a fun activity for you to DIY, if you do everything correctly.

Otherwise, hiring a professional is the best way to ensure you end up with a beautiful and thriving lawn that will last all year will proper maintenance. The professionals at Clifford Suppa Landscaping are proud to serve the New York communities of Rockville Centre, Baldwin, Oceanside, and Long Island, and take lawn care and maintenance very seriously. We understand the nuances of each lawn and can provide expert service to help you keep your lawn looking great. We’ll help eliminate the guesswork involved in getting your lawn ready for the growing season and can help provide you with helpful care tips personalized for your needs.

Precision Maintenance by Clifford Suppa and Jhesse Jones has served the communities of Rockville Centre, Baldwin, Wantagh, and Oceanside for over 43 years. Clifford Suppa is a proud third generation landscape gardener serving the community. Clifford Suppa and Jhesse Jones are professional gardeners who take their job very seriously. We are more than just a mow and blow operation.

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